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Dandole la vuelta part one...

To my barely famous stars:

Just came back of an amazing vacation were my husband and I decided to travel across Puerto Rico that's why I will divide it as:"Dandole la vuelta part one & two":

As a very responsible fashionista I marked all the mayor shopping centers hehehe :) Then we headed out on our trip. I didn't make this part of the trip because we left late because of some dog rescues I had that day BUT DON'T LEAVE IT OUT if you arrive during the day!!! If you are arriving from SJU airport or you live in San Juan Start by going to piñones (DURING THE DAY). Is not the kind of place you want to be lost at night but during the day it has some beautiful places to take pictures. It's a small road with ALOT of places to buy "Frituras"! If you eat fried food and like salty delicious sinful food that's your place. My favorite Bacalaitos mmmmm! Heaven, made out of fish and a lot of carbs mmmmm! In an all carbs diet that Bacalaito will be an angel for your belly. The "Bacalaitos" are sold everywhere there in piñones. Even Spiderman is a "Bacalaito" fan at least Tom Beland drawing show's it clearly hehehe :) That's why Spidey is part of my family!

A lot of taxis will recommend a restaurant called: Soleil to tourist. The food is good but if you are REALLY HUNGRY but if you are not just stop at the first kiosk to your left hand side as soon you get to piñones. It is shaped as a small green house (VERY small green house). They are very clean and nice they sell bacalaitos there for $1 to $3 dollars depends on size.

Now prepare to taste sweetness in its BEST form! Cane sugar juice here we call it: "GUARAPO" Look for two young guys in a small bus they are usually not in the same place but they are well known around there. Since the service in Soleil is great & some of them speak English and Spanish you can ask for them there. They have been in piñones for a long time stop there for directions to get to them. It's Delicious and it's only $3!!! Talking about them just made me thirsty hehehe

Bacalaito: check! Guarapo: check! Now off to a start, this is where I started my trip. We went in direction to ponce. Cameras ready, you are going to see ALOT of mountains and great views along the way so enjoy it! It is 2 hour ride so make sure not to leave later than 2pm & may I suggest that you take your the bacalaito and guarapo to go.

When you arrive in Ponce close by plaza del caribe (Girls every time I say "plaza" of something that's a mall!!! Get your shop on) There is a small bus called: "Las 7 potencias" I hope some day they become a restaurant. Most of well-known places in Puerto Rico started as a bus. The perfect example is Don frappe that in part 2 you will hear more of them. So discover were they have the BEST mofongo I have ever tasted and a whole meal is like $6, Take it to go and eat it downtown ponce in front of the catedral is a cool place to see old buildings and enjoy in walking distance the historic sites!!! (There is a hotel Ramada o "Parador Melia" if you want to stay at ponce, their prices are unpredictable but they offer good service). It's a food overdose so make sure to stop by Kings Ice cream to eat dessert! It's in front of the famous "Parque de bombas" my favorite is the almond one. Irresistible!

It is 2-hour ride so make sure not to leave later than 6pm. The roads in cabo rojo don't have a lot of lights so don't leave so late. The check in is usually at 3pm so there is no use getting there so early. Enjoy other places just don’t get too distracted. Ponce is a very nice place to relax and have a break from the car.

In cabo rojo I have a place that I call back pack heaven... Parador: Combate Beach :) It's a very humble place, with a veryyyyyyyyy attentive staff that some BIG resort would wish for! Make sure to give them your email so they can send you an email to confirm your reservations and a reminder of your stay and directions on how to get there. I travel a lot and I don't remember the last time that a resort sent me such a warm and nice email. Special thanks to Tommy who helped me with my reservations and Franco who made sure me and my husband got there safe because I got lost @ 11pm because of a fire in the woods but they helped me so again THANKS! If you are used to big resorts and get psycho about every single detail is not the place for you. Go to Parador Bahia Salinas they have some fancy stuff but if you are like me that I loveeee to have an adventure and find diamonds in the rough this is your place to be. This parador is currently under development (SUGGESTION: Maybe the management should put some signs telling people about it and sorry for the inconvenience). I got room 16; I would recommend room from 10-13. It's the kind of small inn that for only $149 you can stay there for 3 days and have breakfast included. They have a refrigerator (Plus points to save money!!!) in the room so you can bring some food and wont go bad. It's a gem because you are next to a wild life reserve. You can rent bikes for $18 an hour and see the mangles, the beach and some rare species of birds and animals. Wear a lot of sun block it's easy to get sun burned there but the beach is amazing a great way to relax and unwind. This inn is a let your hair down kind of stop so you don't have to worry to wear make up, high heels and look California beach ready. It's a flip flops, bathing suits and let's go place. I just wished that they stop calling themselves resort it takes the beauty of the place out because is not a resort right now but at the rate it's going with service and development I don't doubt that some day it will be. You can enjoy the beach the whole day. We went sight seeing after 2pm and visited:

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse - Rt 301 Km 11.5, (787) 851-1025
Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge - Rt 301 Km 5.1, Box 510, (787) 851-7258
Phosphorescent Bay $6 boat ride (We went on the small boat because it was more romantic an intimate because of the stars).
At "el parador combate beach" you can ask directions on how to get to any of these places. Here some pictures... 

This last picture has a piña colada and is a great way to end part one in cabo rojo. They sell them at Annie's place $7 they are next to the parador combate beach and are open untill late. That is it for part one... Take care and enjoy your barely famous life! 

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